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Our Services

Improve Revenue Management Services

Hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and their physician practices are under pressure to improve the quality of care while simultaneously facing declining reimbursement, increased risk and margin pressure.

Denials Management Services

Financial executive for a hospital, health system or employed practice, know medical billing rejections are constant nuisances they negatively affect organization’s revenue, cash flow and operational efficiency.

Self-Paid Services

The growth of high deductible health plans over the last several years has increased the primary payment responsibility for patients. The effect of having patients own larger portions of their healthcare bills is…

Accounts Conversion Services

WRC work through your existing accounts receivables balances when your staff concenters on training and implementing a new system.

Compliance and Coding

Take all revenue opportunities, maximize reimbursement and comply with all billing requirements with coding, compliance services for hospitals, health systems and physician practices.

Patient Access for Hospitals

In the wake of healthcare reform and the displacement to value-based care, hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and …