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Business Performance Services

Business Performance Services

Our solutions help physician groups, hospitals and health systems, accountable care organizations, labs providers develop efficiencies and grow revenues while staying current with regulatory requirements. We improve business health through revenue cycle management, physician electronic health record and practice management system technology, and strategic consulting services.

Optimization of Financial Indicators

Hospitals, health systems and physician practices are under pressure to improve the quality of care while simultaneously facing declining reimbursement, increased risk and margin pressure. For many healthcare organizations, maximizing revenue cycle management efficiency is critical to ensuring a smooth transition to value-based care.

WRC Management Services that Address Growing Healthcare Trends

Grasp partnering with an expert for WRC management services that have become increasingly important given these growing trends in healthcare: increasing complexity of payer contracts, mergers and acquisitions that affect system platform strategy, and the rise in self-pay accounts due to high deductible health plans.

  1. Medical Denials Management Underpayment: From full outsourcing of your denials resolution procedures to performing focused audits, WRC denials management team can offer much help as you need to maintain control of your financial performance.
  1. WRC System: We work through your existing accounts receivable balances while your staff focuses on the new system’s implementation and training. Our comprehensive support will help you recover balances both prior to and after system conversion, capturing revenue that is commonly lost during times of significant change.
  1. Self-pay: We’ve established the right combination of processes, technology and patient advocacy to help optimize collections and shorten collection cycles on patient balances. Acting as your extended business office, we help you reduce self-pay receivables, increase cash flow, reduce bad debt and optimize financial performance.
  1. Revenue Cycle WRC Management Services: Healthcare revenue cycle leaders are increasingly considering outsourcing their hospital and physician revenue cycle management operations in light of growing pressures to preserve financial performance, keep up with ongoing regulatory changes, reduce revenue cycle costs associated with getting paid and shift their focus to improving the delivery of care. WRC can provide health systems with end-to-end revenue cycle management services and expertise as a strategy to help health systems improve revenue cycle management processes, become more efficient and positively affect organization’s financial health.

WRC Performance Services provides healthcare organizations with as much – or as little – help as they need to optimize all areas of the revenue cycle, including patient access, medical coding, charge capture, healthcare compliance, medical billing and accounts receivable management.

Our team also provides the insight, expertise and resources you need to more strategically manage reimbursement. WRC, our patient-centered team provides comprehensive care coordination that helps advance the support chronically ill patients and puts physicians on the road to value-based healthcare.