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Health Solutions

Health Solutions

We bring together patients, providers and health plans for better outcomes at lower costs. Our solutions reduce unnecessary utilization, enable complex volume- and value-based payment models, and streamline billing communications. More than 200 hospitals and facilities in a successful cooperation with us, achieve good results in the health sector. For customers of different categories.

By partnering with clients and listening to their needs, West Rules Solutions creates unique solutions for integrated care management that enable payors, providers and patients to come together to transform the business and process of care.

West Rules Health Solutions helps organizations bolster their care management processes, control chronic health conditions, guide level-of-care decisions, determine risk, forecast future needs, and manage their claims payment cycle.

Crafted through of consultative physicians and nurses, solutions are renowned for clinical integrity and are built on the highest level of technological expertise and operational excellence.

WRC is a partner of large corporations in healthcare, in the field of software.. We deliver leading solutions that drive clinical and business intelligence into every healthcare decision, helping payers and providers optimize quality and manage the cost of care. Our solutions help validate appropriateness of services, automate authorizations, manage workflow, manage advanced diagnostics utilization and chronic diseases, and optimize claims payment decisions.

We are well-known for the clinical integrity found in our market-leading Medical Management and Payment Management product and service offerings that:

1. improve health status and manage chronic health conditions

2. provide point-of-care medical necessity decision support

3. guide level-of-care decisions

4. manage medical claims payment

At WRC, we fundamentally believe that by partnering with our customers, together we can elevate the overall performance of the health system.

Each day, a lot of clients and veterans count on WRC in health care to help assure that patients and members receive appropriate care and providers receive appropriate payment. Used by the top 10 payer organizations, more than 30% of Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations, more than 300 hospitals and many others, our solutions affect many lives.